Summer beauty tips to help you keep your cool.

Summertime means long days, baring a bit more skin and relaxed beach time with friends and family.

 But in Australia, it can also mean harsh sunshine, high temperatures and unpredictable weather - stormy one day and scorching hot the next.

 We’ve pulled together some of our favourite summer skincare tips to help you look good and feel good through the warmer weather. And if you have any specific questions about your summer beauty routine, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. We’d love to help.


Repeat after me: SPF. SPF. SPF!

First things first, sun damage is the number one factor in aging skin. If you want youthful-looking skin that looks its best - stay out of the sun!

Not only does UV exposure age your skin, but it can also lead to skin cancer. So sun protection is deadly serious.

We know staying inside or in the shade all the time isn’t an option, so be sensible. Slather on a high SPF under your make-up in the morning, reapply sunscreen throughout the day, and wear a wide-brimmed hat and long-sleeved shirt wherever possible. Apply sunscreen to your face AND body, and don’t forget those neglected places like your ears and the backs of your hands.

If you’re heading to the beach for an extended period, put up a shelter or an umbrella, your skin will thank you for it in years to come, and let’s be honest: burnt, red skin is never a good look.


 Get a tan, not cancer.

Tanned skin in the summertime is possible. That’s right - fake it all the way! If you think fake tan means an Oompa Loompa-style orange glow, think again.

Modern spray tans can be as light or as dark as you’d like, and our beauty therapists are always happy to help you choose the colour which is right for your natural complexion. Get that summer glow without the carcinogenic and aging effects of sunshine.


Hydration is the key.

Warm weather means our skin is more at risk of dehydration. The combination of increased sweat (or glow!) and heat means our bodies need more water to look and feel their best.

Aim for at least 2 litres of water per day. Keep a reusable water bottle on your desk or workspace so that you are regularly drinking, as sipping water little and often is more effective than guzzling a huge amount at once.

Make it more interesting by creating flavour-infused ice cubes for your water jug at home. Add some fresh mint, sliced strawberries or blueberries to your ice cube tray, and feel a bit fancy while you’re getting your daily water quota down.


Stop. Showertime!

Trips to the beach, swimming in chlorinated pools and being out all day in the sweat-inducing heat, mean you’re probably showering more often in the summer.

As relaxing as a long, hot shower is, they’re a no-no when it comes to caring for your skin. Hot showers lead to over-dry and inflamed skin, so keep your showers short and use cool or lukewarm water where possible.


Vitamin C is your friend.

Are you using a Vitamin C serum? It’s a great addition to your skincare routine all year round, but especially in the summer.

Skin LOVES Vitamin C. It can help prevent hyperpigmentation, improve the appearance of fine lines and boost your natural collagen production.

Simply add one more step to your routine, by massaging in a few drops of Vitamin C serum between cleansing and moisturising your face.


Moisturiser still matters.

On the subject of moisturiser, should you change your moisturiser in the summer? Well, it depends.  

Even if your skin feels oily, you still need to moisturise, but try swapping to a lightweight moisturiser in the summer, rather than the heavy creams or oils you’ve been using in the cold months.

Even better, use a moisturiser with a high SPF during the day, so that you can combine moisturising and sun-protection into the one easy step.

Your body needs regular moisturising too. Hot weather can mean legs and arms get scaly and dry, so don’t forget to moisturise daily as part of your routine.


Get scrubbing.

A regular, gentle exfoliation routine is essential in summer. On your face, it helps clear your pores, remove any build-up of SPF and oil, and open-up blocked pores. And on your body it removes dry skin from legs and arms, and prevents ingrown hairs.

Don’t get too carried away though - exfoliation shouldn’t be done daily, but if you aren’t exfoliating regularly (or at all!), start with once a week and build up to two or three times a week, max.


We hope you’re having a great summer so far, and making the most of your time with family and friends. If you’re looking for a summer beauty treatment or a little bit of pampering, check out our menu or get in touch for some inspiration.

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